About Us

"Empowering students to grow their passion through STEM"

Team 9072 is a FRC team located in Hanover, Maryland. Our team was founded in 2023 by David Kravets, an alumni of Chesapeake Science Point, as the name "TigerBots." Competing in our second season, our team continues to strive in engaging middle and high school students from our school to grow through our STEM programs.

30+ Students
3 Programs
Established 2023

Our Mission

We are a student-led team creating a fun, inclusive environment that encourages passion in students through opportunities and experiences developing practical skills, their interests, and themselves. Using the engineering design process, we build and program competitive robots and foster teamwork, dedication, and community involvement.

Our Programs

In addition to our FRC team consisting of high schoolers, we have other STEM programs for our middle schoolers, such as Seaperch and First Lego League (FLL). These programs are part of our growing school's STEM curriculum where young and passionate STEM students are exposed to a hands-on experience with STEM-related projects.

Our Lab

Our lab at Chesapeake Science Point Elementary School not only features a full-sized practice field, but it also serves as an open and freely accessible space for teams across the Chesapeake region to utilize. Additionally, we utilize the lab for hosting all our meetings and build sessions. Feel free to contact us about our lab and practice field.

Our Outreach

Our team expands to other FRC teams in the Chesapeake region, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration through its growing outreach efforts. Starting our rookie year, we have outreached with a variety of teams such as teams 1111, 888, 2199, and more. With outreach, we are able to receive and provide support to other fellow FRC teams in our community.