Our Robot


Say hello to Sonic, our robot for the 2024 FRC Crescendo season.


Dimensions: 26x22 inches
Weight: 90 pounds

Drive: Swerve Drive
Design: Speaker & Amp

Our robot is a swerve-drive robot with a rotating shooter for scoring notes. There is also an under-the-bumper intaker for taking notes, where the notes pass through into the shooter. In addition, our team added a mechanism on the shooter for scoring in the amp for the Chesapeake District Championship and FIRST World Championship.

Base Team

The Base Team serves as the foundation of the team, providing the structural framework for our robot. They design and construct the chassis and wheels, ensuring its stability and maneuverability on the competition field. Further, they create the bumpers for our robot. The Base Team plays a crucial role in building a sturdy and reliable robot.

Attachments Team

The Attachments Team specializes in creating the claw and intake mechanisms of our robot. They carefully design and prototype these components with lots of planning. Their work allows our robot to interact with game pieces and score them efficiently. The Attachments Team plays an important role in building an effective robot.

Control Systems

The Control Systems Team takes charge of the electrical and electronic aspects of our robot. They wire and configure the intricate network of sensors, motors, and actuators, ensuring seamless communication and synchronization. They also ensure all wiring is properly connected and organized for a reliable robot. This team plays a deep role in reliability and functionality of the robot.

Coding Team

The Coding Team is responsible for the software development that drives our robot's autonomous and teleoperated capabilities. They write, test, and optimize the code that controls the robot's behavior, implementing strategies, algorithms, and logic to achieve game objectives. They also work on coding outside of the robot, such as the website and robot software for testing. The Coding Team is critical for a dependable robot.